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VERHOEST Leek Toplifter £11750.00

Manufacturer: VERHOEST

Model: Leek Toplifter

Item Number: 8743

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Very Good


Semi Mounted Single row belt lifter for leaks. 2 – wheels with 70% 550/45 – 22.5 tyres. Platform with canopy over and 2 pallet fork sets on the the back for Boxes. One folds for transport. Good canopy over the top .

Price: £11750.00

SIAT Bag labeller

Manufacturer: SIAT

Model: Bag labeller

Item Number: 8756

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Excellent


Fixed Head 3 phase type mounted of 3.2m by 500mm wide roller table. Hardly used


JONES Triple Deep Ridger £3500.00

Manufacturer: JONES

Model: Triple Deep Ridger

Item Number: 8086

Year of Manufacture: 2004

Condition: Very Good


Three Bed Former for carrots. Hydraulic folding frame with 2 Subsoil legs behind wheels with Deep ridging bodies . Plus a body on each folding wing and hydraulic markers.

Price: £3500.00