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CLEANCARES 185 Front tank

Manufacturer: CLEANCARES

Model: 185 Front tank

Item Number: 8860

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Good


Cw Stainless steel Induction bowl , hydraulic pump and valve.Plastic tank holds appx 750 litres.


SPRAYCARE 3000 Litre £1900.00

Manufacturer: SPRAYCARE

Model: 3000 Litre

Item Number: 8869

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Average


Trailed Sprayer Cw Gem hydraulic folding 24m booms having broken the boom mounting frame so for sale as spares or repairs . Knight 3000 litre tank with induction bowl . Optional Wheels either New BKT 13.6 R 36 tyres or New BKT 18.4 R30 8 ply tyres

Price: £1900.00

LITE TRAC Tool Carrier Sprayer £56750.00

Manufacturer: LITE TRAC

Model: Tool Carrier Sprayer

Item Number: 9056

Year of Manufacture: 2009

Condition: Very Good


Self propelled unit with 5500 litre Stainless steel tank and fittings , 36m Alloy booms with Quad jets , Autoshut off & Autosteer .Cummins QSB Common Rail 220HP engine , 5000 hours , Top Con GPS . Induction bowls & clean water tanks Etc.

Price: £56750.00

BERTHOUD Major 32 DPA £11000.00

Manufacturer: BERTHOUD

Model: Major 32 DPA

Item Number: 8670

Year of Manufacture: 2004

Condition: Very Good


3200 litres trailed sprayer with hydraulic folding 28m Axiale booms with individual boom raise & lower and Tracking drawbar , DPA pump ,Large washout tank plus hose to clean & hand wash tank . Quad nozzle holders on stainless steel spraylines. Induction bowl , Ground speed spray control system , floatation tyres and mudguards. Strong well made sprayer with stainless steel bolts and pins throughout . Sold with 1 years test .Perfect for centre (7) bout tramlining with 4m drill .

Price: £11000.00

CLAXTON Band Sprayer £1950.00

Manufacturer: CLAXTON

Model: Band Sprayer

Item Number: 8742

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Very Good


Cw 6m Front mounted hydraulic folding spray boom configured for 3 rows of carrots or parsnips with 12 nozzles 6 height control wheels. Plus Rear mounted 800 litre Lely tank to feed with Induction bowl , line filters and 3 section manual controls.

Price: £1950.00

C DAX Spraymate 100 Litre £250.00

Manufacturer: C DAX

Model: Spraymate 100 Litre

Item Number: 8801

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Good


Mounted Sprayer suitable for quad bike mounting. 12v Operated Cw on/off switch and 4m long pipe with lance.

Price: £250.00

GEM 2000 Selftrack

Manufacturer: GEM

Model: 2000 Selftrack

Item Number: 8003

Year of Manufacture: 1990



Trailed Sprayer fitted 20m single line Booms , 12.4 – 36 tyres and rocrops.Induction bowl and electric in cab controls


SPALDING Chemsafe £495.00

Manufacturer: SPALDING

Model: Chemsafe

Item Number: 8206

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Good


Porable chemical conatainer, 5 ft by 2ft by 4ft tall. Fitted with 3 shelves and sump.

Price: £495.00

KNIGHT JCB Demount £1750.00

Manufacturer: KNIGHT

Model: JCB Demount

Item Number: 8532

Year of Manufacture: 1996

Condition: Good


Cw 2000 litres Stainless tank 2.2m wide by 1.1m by 1m tall plus stainless washout tank. Drop down PTO drive for 6 cyl pump with new diaphragms. Full set of stand legs with jacks. Single stainless lines in repaired 24m hyd folding booms. Triple nozzles. Working order apart from a few wiring issues.

Price: £1750.00

RAPIDE 6500 Litre £8500.00

Manufacturer: RAPIDE

Model: 6500 Litre

Item Number: 7947

Year of Manufacture: 2010

Condition: Good


Trailed 24M Hi Volume sprayer suitable for liquid fertiser application. Renson 3″ 1100 L/min PTO driven pump.Single lines with fertiliser jets. Stainless steel tank , Autorate control, Steering axle wth 30.5 – 32 tyres.

Price: £8500.00