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RECO Jeantil EVR21.15 £7000.00

Manufacturer: RECO

Model: Jeantil EVR21.15

Item Number: 9073

Year of Manufacture: 2006

Condition: Average


Trailed 21Cubic Manure spreader with a narrow body and a spreading table with slurry door to spread fine materials up to 24m . Tandem sprung 10 stud axles fitted Trelleborg 600/60 30.5 tyres . In cab controls for floor speed & direction and slurry door.

Price: £7000.00

Screw Press £2000.00


Model: Screw Press

Item Number: 8979

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Good


180mm Stainless Steel auger type to press solids through small stainless screen inside steel tube cw 4 Kw Geared drive motor

Price: £2000.00

WAM Sepcom 015 £3000.00

Manufacturer: WAM

Model: Sepcom 015

Item Number: 8980

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Very Good


Screw Press separator , all stainless steel inc 150mm Auger , screen & body. Mounted on Stand ready to install with 3 phase motor

Price: £3000.00

RICHARD WESTERN 16 ton £14000.00


Model: 16 ton

Item Number: 8152

Year of Manufacture: 2004

Condition: Very Good


Trailed Twin Vertical Beater Manure spreader on 10 stud tanden axles with 650/50 R22.5 floatation tyres. Good spec includes side extensions and sprung drawbar . Done Little Work . Internal size 5.5m by 2m by 1.5m deep

Price: £14000.00