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Loader £250.00


Model: Loader

Item Number: 8777

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Good


For Lifting stock into trailer . Converted Livestock trailer 10 by 6 Box on Steel frame & deck , palletised to lift with handler . Useful kit

Price: £250.00

POLYTHENE Pig Feeders £10.00

Manufacturer: POLYTHENE

Model: Pig Feeders

Item Number: 8865

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Very Good


Appx 2 ft wide Black feeders , plus 2 types of Cubic drinkers appx 12″ cubes about 27 of .( £5.0 Each) . Also 27 grey feeders and some stainless steel troughs for pig crates.

Price: £10.00

ROXELLE Feed system £1400.00

Manufacturer: ROXELLE

Model: Feed system

Item Number: 8772

Year of Manufacture: 2004

Condition: Good


Used for Pigs , 60mm Palstic tubing with centreless augers to supply over 100 dispensers ( Included) appx 240ft long. Plus water drinkers. System includes 2 3 phase and 7 Single phase motors.In Boxes ready to go

Price: £1400.00

Q E Farrowing Crates £15.00

Manufacturer: Q E

Model: Farrowing Crates

Item Number: 8773

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Good


6 Of Took out cw drinkers etc plus 8 Ritchie crates and 8 Box section Crates and 6 Tubular ones of unknown maker. Plus 48 plastic slats 2ft by 8″

Price: £15.00

PREDATOR Cub ” Pro ” £1600.00

Manufacturer: PREDATOR

Model: Cub ” Pro ”

Item Number: 8262

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Excellent


Trailed Paddock cleaner suitable for towing behind an ATV, compact tractor or truck . Has 13 HP electric start Briggs and Stratton engine , manual suction hole for opertor to collect the droppings . Can Fill another trailer r own hopper . This machine has seen little use and resembles the Lynx model sold today.

Price: £1600.00