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STABLE Doors £40.00

Manufacturer: STABLE

Model: Doors

Item Number: 9783

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Good


Bestoke made timber doors in good order cw traditional hinges , top & bottom latches. 1200mm tall by 1055mm wide and 7mm thick

Price: £40.00

Double sided


Model: Double sided

Item Number: 9962

Year of Manufacture: 2014

Condition: Good


Bird Feeders ( 60 of ) in white polypropylene 4ft long by 3ft wide Quantity availalble . 4 White plastic water tanks 150 x70x120cms Cw 2.2m high metal stands , plus wide water drinkers with own small tank .Appx 100 red & white EB tube feeders plus a few red & blue . Also 250feet of 55mm feed line cw auger but no drive motor



Manufacturer: IFOR WILLIAMS

Model: HB506

Item Number: 10034

Year of Manufacture: 2011

Condition: Very Good


Tandem Axle Horse trailer .Later Model cw partions , side & rear unload and horse washer attachment fitted .


PREDATOR Cub ” Pro ” £1600.00

Manufacturer: PREDATOR

Model: Cub ” Pro ”

Item Number: 8262

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Excellent


Trailed Paddock cleaner suitable for towing behind an ATV, compact tractor or truck . Has 13 HP electric start Briggs and Stratton engine , manual suction hole for opertor to collect the droppings . Can Fill another trailer r own hopper . This machine has seen little use and resembles the Lynx model sold today.

Price: £1600.00