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Manufacturer: MC CONNEL

Model: HyReach

Item Number: 9115

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Average


Rear mounted hedgcutter fitted with 3ft 6″ head with boot flails. Mounts into rear linkage of tractor


BOMFORD B577 £1950.00

Manufacturer: BOMFORD

Model: B577

Item Number: 9195

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Good


Linkage mounted hedger, fully independant cw 4 cable controls. Good 1.3m head with boot flails , roller and good skirt. No welding , recon motors when suplied.

Price: £1950.00

RECO FERRI Geometric Farmer TGA 46 £6000.00

Manufacturer: RECO FERRI

Model: Geometric Farmer TGA 46

Item Number: 8942

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Excellent


3 Point linkage mounted hedgecutter cw 1.2m head fitted boot flails & roller . Electric toggle controls plus cable stop start. Reach estimated 4.5m . Seen very little use.

Price: £6000.00

ARBO CUT Sawblade £1500.00

Manufacturer: ARBO CUT

Model: Sawblade

Item Number: 9007

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Very Good


Attachment suitable Hedger arm mounting , bracket fit Bomford type box section arm. 36″ Diameter , Teeth 8″ apart . Just fit and swap the head pipes over

Price: £1500.00

AGROMEC HDR 5000 £7500.00

Manufacturer: AGROMEC

Model: HDR 5000

Item Number: 9010

Year of Manufacture: 2016

Condition: Excellent


LH 3 Point Linkage Mounted Hedger with 5.0m reach . Almost in unmarked having only done little work in 3 seasons. Has Armrest style LH joystiick controls. 1.2m Head has 2 way rotor for reversing and unmarked boot flails .Will move accross manually

Price: £7500.00

NOREMAT Magistra M60 £4950.00

Manufacturer: NOREMAT

Model: Magistra M60

Item Number: 8699

Year of Manufacture: 2004

Condition: Good


Contractors Hi use cranked arm fllail mower/hedger with balanced assembly. 180 degree swing round parks with locking pins on the rear and allows good cutting vision. Fittted 1m general purpose head.Reach just shy of 6m. In cab oil operated joystick controls.( Imported by Votex)

Price: £4950.00

KIROGN 2.3m Saw Blade Unit £2250.00

Manufacturer: KIROGN

Model: 2.3m Saw Blade Unit

Item Number: 8700

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Good


Features 5 heads with grass cutter blades or 5 seperate Saw blades . Hydraulically driven to use in stead of flail head as required.( Bracket for Spearhead)

Price: £2250.00