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AMAZONE ZAM Profis SBS £4500.00

Manufacturer: AMAZONE

Model: ZAM Profis SBS

Item Number: 8973

Year of Manufacture: 2009

Condition: Good


GPS connectable fertiliser spreader cw 18 – 36m discs , headland discs , weigh cells ( I new) Hopper cover & Grids . Tested 4/5/18 . Big saving on new

Price: £4500.00

KRM M2W 3000 Litre

Manufacturer: KRM

Model: M2W 3000 Litre

Item Number: 9049

Year of Manufacture: 2004

Condition: Very Good


Twin Disc Fertiliser Spreader Cw 3 sets of vanes E2 (new) E1 & E6. Tray tested last spring by SCS. New control box also last season.


RECO SULKY DPX 1204 £500.00

Manufacturer: RECO SULKY

Model: DPX 1204

Item Number: 8723

Year of Manufacture: 1989

Condition: Good


Twin disc spreader Cw Hydraulic Shut off and cover .Mafe to spread 12 – 24 m but used as 12m. Sound machine access made into rear to clean out preventing corrosion.

Price: £500.00


Manufacturer: ACCORD

Model: DF 1

Item Number: 8762

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Good


Single Front mounted Hopper used for fertilser in conjuction with planter or drill on back . Cw Headlamps , hyd driven fan, land wheel drive metering


CHAFER Sentry £12500.00

Manufacturer: CHAFER

Model: Sentry

Item Number: 8956

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Good


24M Trailed Liquid fertiliser Sprayer / Applicator on 880/65 R32 tyres 70% . Good hydraulic folding booms. Set up to work with Trimble Satelite steering system

Price: £12500.00

KVERNELAND Vicon Rotaflow RS – XL £2500.00

Manufacturer: KVERNELAND

Model: Vicon Rotaflow RS – XL

Item Number: 7465

Year of Manufacture: 2006

Condition: Excellent


Mounted Spinning disc spreader rated 24 – 42m . C/w hopper extension , grid and cover , holds 3 bags appx 2 ton. Has twin hydraulic shut offs and Headland adjutment ram. Virtually rust & dent free .

Price: £2500.00

KRM Ex Twin Disc £700.00

Manufacturer: KRM

Model: Ex Twin Disc

Item Number: 8719

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Good


Fertilser spreader fitted with 4 hopper extensions and cover. Rated 24 – 28m with E2 , E8, E6 and Headland discs.Pus Hydraulic shut off and road lights

Price: £700.00