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STANHAY Rallye 590 £2500.00

Manufacturer: STANHAY

Model: Rallye 590

Item Number: 10444

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Good


12 Row hydraulic folding cell wheel precison drill fitted with ceramic coulters. Front clod pushers , rubber press wheels front and back of coulters plus narrow rubber press wheel.Long arm hydraulic markers

Price: £2500.00


Manufacturer: KVERNELAND

Model: Accord EVO TS

Item Number: 10467

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Very Good


6M Hydraulic folding Tine drill . Fitted Access step , Hydraulic Fan ,Hopper cover & Extension , 4 wheel track erradicators , Long arm hyd markers . 4 x 23-10.50 -1 Floatation tyres. Straight tidy drill with good points



Manufacturer: RECO MASCHIO

Model: PE 300 PENTA

Item Number: 10481

Year of Manufacture: 2002

Condition: Very Good


Combination Drill mounted on 3M Maschio DM3000 Power harrow with good QR tines , double wheel erradicator tines and large packer roller with a few spare scrapers . Drill has suffolk coulters in 2 rows , long hydraulic markers , following harrow, access stepand pre emergence makers ( 4 Tube shut off valves)

Price: £3850.00

WEAVING 4m Tine Conversion £4500.00

Manufacturer: WEAVING

Model: 4m Tine Conversion

Item Number: 10484

Year of Manufacture: 2013

Condition: Good


Fitted to Lely Polymat piggyback drill mounted on Lely Cultiterra with 2 rows of Double coil pigtail tines and guttler packer. Plus Long arm markers , Pre Emergence markers Access step and following harrows.

Price: £4500.00


Manufacturer: VICON

Model: LZ 505

Item Number: 9978

Year of Manufacture: 1997

Condition: Good


4m Mounted Suffolk coulter drill cw Greenland T400/70 1000 rpm power harrow cw 60% Blades and Flexicoil crumbler. Drill has 2 rows of coulters , Following harrow , double disc markers , PTO driven fan and access step .


MF 30 4M £900.00

Manufacturer: MF

Model: 30 4M

Item Number: 9976

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Good


23 Row Disc coulter , grain and fertiliser drill on 14.9 – 24 tyres. 10 Fluted Grain metering rolls , 5 Fluted fertiliser rolls , question mark over the partitions so used as grain only recently . Fitted End tow kit , Following harrow , acess step , hydraulic markers & wheel erradicators

Price: £900.00

KRM Soladrill 799 £7750.00

Manufacturer: KRM

Model: Soladrill 799

Item Number: 10137

Year of Manufacture: 2009

Condition: Very Good


48 sprung loaded hoe coulter 6M Hydraulic folding drill . Hopper extensions enable holding a ton of seed. Acces stem , Pre emergence maker shuts off 3rows and leaves a single mark. RDS in cab box with hopper alarm .

Price: £7750.00

AMAZONE ED452 £9950.00

Manufacturer: AMAZONE

Model: ED452

Item Number: 10366

Year of Manufacture: 2012

Condition: Excellent


6 Row Maize drill Cw fertiliser attachment . Outside rows fold in to transport , hydraulic markers & road lights. Drilled appx 3 – 400 acres a year . Nice Drill

Price: £9950.00

LELY 3m Combimatic

Manufacturer: LELY

Model: 3m Combimatic

Item Number: 10396

Year of Manufacture: 1995

Condition: Very Good


Drill for power harrow mounting. Good suffolk coulters in 2 rows , hydraulic markers , access step, Pre energence markers . Grey metering and hopper cover .


SIMBA 4m Freeflow

Manufacturer: SIMBA

Model: 4m Freeflow

Item Number: 10443

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Good


Trailed hydraulic folding drill with 2 rows of adjustable fitted reversible points, Tyred packersmany very good , 3 rows of double pigtail drill coulters with good points , another row of tyred packers . Hydraulic fan drive and long arm markers