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COUSINS Bed Markers £800.00

Manufacturer: COUSINS

Model: Bed Markers

Item Number: 7816

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Very Good


Mounted Toolbar Cw 2 long arm disc markers to centre mark out field before ridging up beds.

Price: £800.00

GRIMME CS 1700 £2000.00

Manufacturer: GRIMME

Model: CS 1700

Item Number: 8476

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Average


Trailed Destoner cw Hydaulic lift drawbar, 6 piece share, single diablo, Star seperation followed by web. Hyd Rear levelling , left to right & Steering axle . Not used recently

Price: £2000.00

GRIMME CS 1500 Combistar

Manufacturer: GRIMME

Model: CS 1500 Combistar

Item Number: 8475

Year of Manufacture: 2003

Condition: Good


Trailed Star/ web combination destoner cw 6 piece share, split diabo & discs. Servicable belt driven stars with no spacers. 45mm main web , Cross conveyer with 25mm web. Steering & levelling . Boulder Box.