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Manufacturer: MOBILE

Model: Homes

Item Number: 3751

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Good


Selection of Sizes and ages inc 12 & 10 ft wide.Generally 22ft or 28ft long suitable for accomodation or office . Prices according to age . Something for all applications.


INDUSTRIAL HD Yard Gates £300.00

Manufacturer: INDUSTRIAL

Model: HD Yard Gates

Item Number: 9634

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Very Good


Pair of 9ft 6inch by 8ft tall yard gates in 2″ Box fitted 2inch mesh ,repainted blue ready to use .plus Pair of 9ft HD Box section security gates 8ft tall with 2inch mesh in fill . Repainted

Price: £300.00

Mild Steel Mezanine £5000.00


Model: Mild Steel Mezanine

Item Number: 10054

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: New


Type Platform 15 ft by 14ft6″ Frame in 6ins I section Mounted on 7 legs made of 80mm Box section (2.4m tall) Chequer plate deck with Railings round 45 ins high. Platform splits with widest section 9 ft 6 ins for transport . Suit indor or Gantry outside Can load

Price: £5000.00

CLEAR SPAN 60 by 30 £9750.00

Manufacturer: CLEAR SPAN

Model: 60 by 30

Item Number: 10085

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Very Good


Building Complete with all painted I section framework inc cross suports and Galvanised steel purlings and bolts .Plus all the plastic coated green steel sheets 4.7m & 3.7m Long.Building Height appx 3.4m Taken down ready to load

Price: £9750.00