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KRONE Big Pack 1270 £39500.00

Manufacturer: KRONE

Model: Big Pack 1270

Item Number: 8994

Year of Manufacture: 2011

Condition: Very Good


Trailed tandem axle Large baler to make 1200 by 700 bales. Wide pick up with feed roller over.6 Double knotters and Full multipack sytem to knott multiple bales in each bale. Very well maintained ready to use

Price: £39500.00

NEW HOLLAND D1210 £8000.00

Manufacturer: NEW HOLLAND

Model: D1210

Item Number: 8989

Year of Manufacture: 1996

Condition: Good


Large Square 5 knotter single axle baler on 600/50 R22.5 tyres , with electric fans over knotters and roller exit chute.. Minimum Power required is 90kW, Bale length from-to: 2,5m,Bale width from-to: 1,2m,Bale height: 0,9m , Pick-up width: 2.24m .Quite tidy for age

Price: £8000.00

BROWNS Juggler

Manufacturer: BROWNS

Model: Juggler

Item Number: 8591

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Good


Flat 8 Bale Sledge , hydraulically operated to follow conventiona small baler . Choice avialable


COOKS Flat 8 Autosledge

Manufacturer: COOKS

Model: Flat 8 Autosledge

Item Number: 7847

Year of Manufacture:

Condition: Good


Trailed small bale accumulator cw 2 pack holding area. Sound and solid inc tyres , paint poor. Plus Browns Flat 8 grab cw Sanderson brackets . Very straight with good paint.


MC HALE Bale Splitter £1250.00

Manufacturer: MC HALE

Model: Bale Splitter

Item Number: 8464

Year of Manufacture: 2015

Condition: New


Hydraulically powered knife slices a bale into 2 halves whilst picking it. Used once as new . Fitted 3 point linkage brackets but would take Loader or forklift brackets.

Price: £1250.00

MF 185 £8500.00

Manufacturer: MF

Model: 185

Item Number: 7219

Year of Manufacture: 2001

Condition: Good


80 by 70 ( 3 by 3 )Baler , well maintained and sensibly used in good order cw Bale ejector rollers , Brakes & lights. 215L 15/16 tyres ( one new)

Price: £8500.00